Check Out The Latest In Virtual Reality and Zombies

Video games have undoubtedly come a long way since the days of pong. The game play has gotten more advanced, the graphics have gotten better…

…zombies get all up in your face?

oprah on virtual reality zombie games

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. If you haven’t heard, virtual reality video games are really coming up in the world. Oculus is one of the better known companies working in VR and if you haven’t seen some of their games, you need to, like, now. The recently released¬†EVE: VALKYRIE for the Oculus Rift looks incredible. If I had a Rift, I would be playing that game constantly.

But for some, the incredible level of immersion can be too much. Especially when zombies are involved.

As humorous as her reaction is, it’s totally understandable given the general public’s predominant¬†lack of exposure to virtual reality. It’s like how the first audiences of THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY back in the 1900s were freaked out about getting shot at the end. It’s truly a testament to the developers that this girl reacted so intensely.

How do you think you’d handle something like this?