Love and “The Walking Dead,” There’s an App for That

I want to Fu** your brains! There is a dating service for people into zombie stuff.

In dating, you look for a partner with common interests like blood, brains and death. is now hosting viewing parties designed for compatible zombie lovers to pair off.

Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg knows what she is doing, she says that people care about entertainment now more than ever before. In the world of internet dating, bonding over TV shows could be the key to breaking the ice and reaching the heart.

“We realized that with singles in America today, one of the things that they connect on the most is the shows they watch and they love, and we wanted to figure out how to replicate what’s happening in the real world on the Match site and on the app,” says Ginsberg. 

She says that strangers in the wild talk openly about their favorite shows and this wasn’t happening five years ago. She wants to take that real world openness and apply it to app dating.  Match users who take part in the weekly screenings have access to group and private messaging to keep their gory convos going throughout the week.

This type of orchestrated mingling is aimed specifically at millennials — a recent study shows that “millennials are 270% more likely than those of other generations to be turned on by someone who watches the same shows as they do.”

If you are in that pool, better put down the books and start watching every show out there.

Via Bloody Disgusting