This Point Of View Zombie Short Film Looks Awesome

In a medium that relies on suspension of belief and audience immersion, it’s no wonder that there have been several films lately that use point of view techniques. This is especially true since it costs as little to buy a GoPro as it does to buy an entry-level DSLR. Strap that sucker on your stuntman and suddenly you have HARDCORE HENRY!

It probably takes a little more effort than, but still.

One of the cool things about shooting in point of view is that the audience truly feels like they have become the protagonist of your movie. Gearmark.TV has just released a short film that does exactly that in the heart of a zombie apocalypse.

On their way out of town, a family runs out of gas on the freeway and get attacked by zombies. The father gets attacked and wakes up alone. He searches for his family and witnesses oodles of death and destruction.

Check out SYNAPSE below.

If you liked this, Gearmark TV has some other really cool point of view shorts that you should check out on their YouTube channel.


Source – Bloody Disgusting