The Time Sid Vicious Shot Up With Dirty Toilet Water And Grossed Out Dee Dee Ramone

In some respects, Sid Vicious and Dee Dee Ramone were opposite sides of the same coin. It’s probably more accurate to describe them as different sides of the same heptagon of seminal punk rock bassists, but the coin metaphor is definitely simpler.

Dee Dee probably would’ve been jealous when he and Vicious inevitably crossed paths during The Ramones’ late ’70s heyday. But, lacking any ability to see the future, Dee Dee found Vicious amusing to the extent where any garbage fire can be fun to watch from a safe distance.

Before his death in 2002, Dee Dee told Please Kill Me author Legs McNeil about a fond memory from an uproarious gathering in London. Vicious, not yet a Sex Pistols phase and enamored with The Ramones, asked Dee Dee if he had any spare drugs. Generous guy that he apparently was at the moment, Dee Dee offered Vicious some speed, and the pair headed to a bathroom that had already been destroyed by less than hygienically-minded party-goers.

“Sid pulled out a set of works. He puts a whole bunch a speed in the syringe—and then stuck the needle and the works in the toilet with all the puke and piss in there and loaded it,” Dee Dee recalled. “He didn’t cook it up—he just shook it and stuck it in his arm and got off.”

No stranger to depravity, Dee Dee wasn’t exactly shocked by the sight of an odd young British man injecting strangers’ urine and vomit directly into his own bloodstream. But Dee Dee was clearly grossed out enough to remember the story decades later.

“I just looked at him, ya know? I’d seen it all by then—and he just looked at me kinda dazed and said, “Man where did you get this stuff?”

via Vice